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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist men who have been previously incarcerated and are now on parole. We provide them with housing,  counseling, clothing and other necessities needed to return back to society and to the work place, in a faith filled structured environment.  These men are determined to make a successful re-entry and to make the most of their second chance!

To end recidivism by offering a holistic approach to healing for those battling, mental health, addiction, and substance abuse.  Providing safe quality housing, and a variety of services that include transportation, and counseling to our residents, as they re-enter the workforce and society with dignity and accountability. We seek to build confidence and promote self-sufficiency for all residents while nurturing spiritual growth and awareness.

What We Do

CUPID HOMES is a safe sanctuary, created to welcome, serve and support men and women reentering the community from un-likely situations and circumstances. It is, by design, a resident that operates in two recovery communities (Madison and Goodlettsville, Tennessee) and allows God’s people with a strong desire for change to live their lives with the utmost respect and dignity. It alleviates barriers in order to help them positively transition from incarceration, homelessness, military service or combat, drug and alcohol treatment, hospitalization and/or any extenuating circumstance that would ordinarily impede or hinder a smooth re-entry into the community. 

In addition to the array of services CUPID HOMES offers and immediately provides residential services through housing ( food, clothes, shelter, and limited transportation), clients will be able to independently reposition themselves for mainstream society by attending a 12-Step faith based program. CUPID HOMES will NOT allow constituents to go unequipped without the necessary survival skills and tools for everyday living. 

CUPID HOMES will work closely with multiple federal, state and community partners to ensure that the following supportive services be rendered:
• Well furnished housing units with all the comforts of home
• Individualized case management with qualified counselors
• Substance abuse counseling and recovery support groups
• Employment placement comparable to employability skills
• Family reunification and support focused on amending the broken links within
• Assistance with obtaining public benefits and needed health services
• Provide needed mentoring and support from incarceration to freedom
• Secure mental health treatment for those needing such services
• Provide a house manager to address any and all problems that may occur

It is a profound goal of CUPID HOMES to prove that preparedness, positive support, and removal of daily barriers, it can and will change the lives of the underserved citizens of its community. It further proposes to unlock the cycle of negativity by rechanneling it to positivity through faith, support, and basic needs one step at a time. 

For further information, you may call for pricing and room availability at 615-853-2652 or email cupidministries@gmail.com.